I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for listening to us on 100.6fm,  Life FM, and to share with you the vision and mission of Life FM.

Life FM is a division of Life Broadcasting, which is a registered non-profit company with a board comprising of four directors. Since we are a non-profit company we he have no shareholders or investors and all praise goes to our Heaven Father for providing all the needs and expenses of this radio ministry.


Changing lives in the community by educating the listeners about the love of God and sacrifice of Jesus that brought restoration and reconciliation, a resource with a message of hope and healing that would build all aspects of and encourage unity in the Christian community within the Life FM coverage area.

Mission Statement

By grace through faith and a relationship with the Holy Spirit and through dedication, discipline and commitment of partners and employees with a focused approach to marketing & sales to deliver a service to the community, changing lives and impacting the listeners to be effective in the kingdom of God.


  • To ensure a sales & marketing focus that would ensure effective and sufficient exposure for clients and adequate financial provision for Life FM;
  • To encourage and promote teamwork with emphasis on dedication and discipline within the team and towards the goals of Life FM;
  • To foster and kindle a relationship with God for every individual at Life FM and for the team in general, and flowing in God’s grace and power;
  • To get everyone involved in the strategy of Life FM and ensure they buy into and commit to the vision;
  • To make sure we have the right partners, right employees and form the right team that

would grow the ministry;

  • Ensure that we build up our listeners and have a positive impact in the community, for the glory of God Almighty.


  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Consistency
  • Passion

Life FM started broadcasting in December 2012, and at that stage we had to hire equipment and our broadcasting range was a 5 km radius. In the past, almost three years since, we have acquired all our own equipment, two fully equipped studios (a recording studio in town and the final control centre at home) and a mobile broadcasting unit. Our broadcast range has increased to a 40 -100 km strong signal subject to terrain. Now also broadcasting in Potchefstroom on a second frequency.

End 2014 we also build and erected our very own licensed tower with broadcast equipment. All this without incurring any debt, everything paid in full. Glory to God.

In the past year our staff has grown . Currently the presenters of the various programs on Life FM number twenty three individuals and all slots are recorded by Life Fm.